Thursday, February 17, 2011

meeting "lembu", meeting "tan"...aku hilang ije...

Feb 14, 2011: had another meeting to finalyse Tan's retirement ceremony..i guess it's going the most grand retirement ceremony held in this school for an ordinaryu teacher who is very rare at school and i guess not everybody realised his presence but...he is our boss's pet, so the ceremony has to be the committee member of the staff club, we will implement it as perfect as possible...

March 5, after 11 years of being at smkkk2 this is the first time we are going to hold a grand maulidurrasul celebration...2 ekor lembu disembelih...k pah in charged of the rempah, k asmaa of the lembu with saupi (our pibg committee members"..the others...k ja, k jah, k nah, k ati, and others will be the "jong kalut..." Aku???? samalah tu, in the same boat la...

In the middle of the meeting, i got a call from k na ije, ije collapsed n tak sedar diri d husm...i didnt know hoe to react...rushing to husm, i just could peep through the mirror, the doctors were busy attending to him, i could see sweat on his forehead, i could see his dear, beloved 330, i went back home to perorm my zohor prayer, went back to huism at 5, to ccu. i recited yassin...i held his hand, i whisper3ed to him..."Je, kalau baiklah untuk mung hidup, fight je, fight tapi kalau baiklah untukmu pergi, pergilah dgn mudah...aku syg kan kamu...." When i met dr Awang, he mentioned that the chance was too slim, only 20%....what can i say???? due to tight procedure at ccu, i decided to go back home, leaving abah and mek na at the 1210 am, i kol mek na just to hear her say..."ning, je tak dok doh..." ya Allah, kenapa aku tak tunggu di hospital??????YA Allah kenapa aku balik???? Ya Allah.....that was my destiny..what can i say..until now, i regretted why wasnt i there, there must be smthng that Allah wants me to learn....apa kah dia????

Alfatihah buat ije, the most rugged and open minded brother....he was always be there for me..but now??????


  1. Inna lillah, wa inna ilaihi raji'uun.. moga Allah membantu kehidupannya di alam baru. moga Teacher sekeluarga tabah menerima ujian Allah.. "Fasbir sobran jameela (Maka bersabarlah engkau dengan kesabaran yang sebaik-baiknya)." - Maksud dari surah al-Ma'arij, ayat 5.

  2. eh, cikgu tan is about to retire ? i don't think i did have the chance to meet him last year, just before spm. uhhh ~~

    anyway, takziah for your lost. :(

  3. Thanks dear,
    mmg ada waktunya, kehilangan itu terasa peritnya...tapi ada waktunya, pemergian seseorang itu lebih baik untuk insan lain...tcer pn tak taulah...jiwa mmg kosong bila ingatkan arwah...he was my best buddy...although smtms i wished he wud change to be a better brother...but..still..he was the best among my siblings...alFatihah