Friday, March 4, 2011

Teenagers and love...

3 couples were caught beside the girl's ss are advanced...bestnya the couples are form 4 vs 2...form 4 vs 4....all of them are from the "honeymoon" years. Adoi la adik2 kesayanganku...tak ke mananya cinta yg berlandaskan nafsu...k Pah rasanya dah habis ayat buat keluar...dari bodoh pah ke keting sampailah muka serupa mok teh timoh jual etok...actually i like the terms she used when dealing with all these problematic ss though smtms personally i think she can be over the board...but that is her style and till nw, i guess, pn sherry is the best disciplinary teacher.....she just know what to say and when to say it...such a gifted person.

Coming back to the story:
A >> this minah from 4A actually got my attention at first, manja, comel....but then, slowly her true colours emerge...she couldnt control herself when it involves boys and he just does not have respect to anybody including teachers...for her the most important thing in life is her..and herself..nobody else...aku penat mnelayan this kind of person and start to ignore her...cannot stand her....if i keep treating her, the others will be left mush as possible she tried to catch everybody's attention...lack of attention from the family??? susah nak cakap...i dont think so, she comes from a well-to-do family ... dunno...just dunno what to say...This minah admitted to k PAh she did the "action of kissing" blkg kelas and also di tangga toilet...adoi...minah ni mmg daring because when she said that...u could not see any sign of fear or regret on her face...this is what i kol as SELAMBA ROCK GILER....

B >> This budak-comel boy also from the same class as A (not A's partner anyway)....He is the boy who threw out my marker pen when that marker was out of ink...he is the boy who gave me that threatening look when i started say bad words to him due to his action (INGAT AKU TAKUT..MUKA COMEL NAK TUNJUK SAMSENG....TAK ADA MAKNANYA..SEKALI AKU SEKEH, MASUK LONGKANG BDK NI :)) . Just knew the form 2 girl for a week...bdk perempuan tu daring sangat, tarik B and terus kiss dia....(geram kot..sebab B ni mmg lelaki jambu)....k pah settled with B...tapi kpah pun susah nak marah dgn this boy..the innocent look kills..



  1. eeeiisshhh...bengom punye students...buang skolah je...huh...

  2. ha..ha..ha...what i said was..."ingat muka canteek sgt..suruh bapak awak buat skolah sendiri la..."