Sunday, April 7, 2013


Back to my blog...I am happy after such a long time, I am back here writing...

Being in this school for such a long time, I notice that some of my so-called "new friends" are hard to guess their true colours.

Event 1: School Hall
In our group, we just had a small talk..."it's beautiful but  a bit expensive, I would say."
                                                           "Looking at the flowers, I said "no", the price is already okay."
Suddenly our new friend on the block said " Kalau sayalah, saya ukur dulu, kira, baru buat".  We just quiet. Malas nak tambah apa2 dah.

The next two days, somebody came to me" Nee, next time if you want to talk, be careful, jgn sampai orang kecil hati, ye lah, ada words kita meant utk bergurau tapi hurt others."

I didn't wait for long. I just hunted for the true story...Gosssshhhhh...the new friend on the block really killed me...I just met my "kakak" and clarified things. at our "bahtera" dah ada spy...buatlah group sendiri..jgn duk nak spoil relationship orang lain...

event 2 .....and yang seterusnya coming soon ye...