Tuesday, July 6, 2010

seluar ketat vs seluar baggy

Pn Sherry mengamuk lagi hr ni, another girl is wearing a very tight slack..f 3 girl..muka penuh foundation..so obvious, the hand looks "black", the face so fair...(fair n lovely ke krim siam???) aduhh..this girl, at this age, dh pandai makeup2..tak faham btl akur..

Pn Shery just have her own way of handling the ss, i like to see her when she's handling discipline cases...giler...sometimes, just like watching drama swasta..or cerekarama...btl punya best, ayat power gilwer..."bodo sampai atas blkg...muka serupa mok teh jual etok...ngo tak abis2..." mmg best dgr..but these ss sometimes are too ignorant, nk break the school rules pun budget2 la sikit..ni pakai hentam jer...the one thing i hate is when they are putting allthose stuff on their faces...knp nk tua cepat sangat???? their original faces look more pure n innocence...aparaa....


  1. teacher, puan sherry tu cikgu sharifah ko? hehehe.
    rindunyo zmn sekolah!

  2. Puan Sherry, song doh namo. bunyi mace sherif zaman koboi jah.. haha, penegak keadilan.. jangan marah ambo cikgu..

  3. yes..that's the lady..our iron lady...sekali dia mengamuk..TIADA MAAF BAGIMU

  4. amused me sometimes. nothing but same 'kind of' oldish approached by cg. sheery... since I left that school few years back, all I know was same thing... scold student will not make them get better lor...

    Just if student behave in front of her, nothing except afraid of her... lame...

    (Im always wonder how can practicum teacher get better relationship with students rather than 'old' teacher... maybe something interesting to to think, perhaps)