Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Just got the news from k ma' this boy is suffering from "tersampuk" at kadet laut camp. Just wonder what happened to him. Althugh he is such a naughty boy, still, there is a space in my heart as a teacher, for him.
Reminiscene.....suc a naughty boy who will show faces everytime you talk to him...nothing satisfies him except smthng tht is realted to him...a very self-centred boy...he never cares whether you feel hurt with his words or not...his concern is your words must not "mampus" kan dia.

A very good actor in front of the big shots..."bdk jurus ni...saja cikgu tak pandai nak tackle"...penangan lakonan akramin dpn pentadbir...but..inside the class during P&P...only Allah knows how cunning this boy is....

What ever it is, aku as a tcer still give him my prayer to get well soon (although 5Ga is very serene without your presence..)

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