Sunday, June 5, 2011

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS : resting or wrestling???

The best part in a teacher's life: school holidays and what makes it better if u manage to complete marking before the days come.....what a heaven..

That was the impression that came to my mind b4 the holidays started...but the reality is not resting but im wrestling...wrestling???u might be puzzled with this, but that is the wrestling against time to complete my proposal (which at times i feel like crying) wrestling w my kids to make them do their work and to keep their rooms clean (although only 3 of them...) and im wrestling w my emotion to entertain my inner self that it's ok to have the home vacation because amir is not well...still...deep down inside my wrestling w my feeling..longing to go for a holiday...

See...the school holiday became so packed for made me breathless...Gosh...i just wish for a better holidays next time, Insya Allah

To all my beloved students..enjoy your holidays because when the school reopens, the real battle for the exam will start...ciaoo....

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