Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cikgu Mat: in memory (22 Sept 2010: Wed)

Knowing him when he first came to our school was not a good memory actually... a man who was rather hard to smile AND a man with few words..even his face didn't invite any friendship (i guess from the lady teachers...because he seemed okay with the man). Being appointed as the disciplinary teacher made him more well-known among the ss and teachers as a strict and fierce teacher.

A week before the schoolbreak for raya, he was the teacher-in-charge...he handled the daily mornig assembly with the ss and the moment that ss will always remember was when he and his gang cut the ss hair- FOC...some ss really blew their tops..some were just willing to accept their fate...and his suggestion for the ss to pay for their hairdo after raya, i think is something to ponder.

When i got the call from Mamanah, cikgu mat was hospitalised because of dengue, i thought it was a normal case, but knowing that he was in just made my heart stop beating for a while...the word icu isnot a good sign, i guess. We went to pay a visit...his face was swollen, the wires were all over his face and we could see blood coming out from the tube...the skin changed to be purplish...but kak Esah was a strong lady..she stayed cool and calm (who knows what was inside her at that time).

The call i got from k Pah at 445, Sept 22>> put a stop at everything...he left us, he left the wife, he left the kids, he left the ss, he left the memory of cutting ss' hair..he left everything...We rushed to the forensics...i was impressed...there was a crowd of ss( i really meant was a crowd)...most of the teachers of kk2 were also there...for the last time, we looked at his face...the blood was still coming out from the eye and nose...fresh blood, the face waas still swollen..and that was going to be the final time for us to see his 6 m, he was bathed for the final time, by hs own son and a few colleagues...

Al-fatihah to a friend...segagah manusia kalah juga dgn seekor nyamuk...kuasa Allah, we never know...Cikgu Mat in memory...

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  1. bit shocked when first i got this news from members... even i dunno who's he, but as a ex-smkkk2, i was so burdened to feel how sad it was when a smkkk2 teacher had gone forever... yes, of course i hope that he will be place among the salehin indeed... Al-Fatihah...